A Little About Me

A Little About me..


A Happy Life is about Balance, making time for Family, Work, Personal and Spiritual pursuits. I am passionate about the work I do. I believe you can be succesful in manufacturing while still being concious about the environment and fair to the talented craftspeople across the globe who bring your ideas to life.


I am a bit of a voyeur, always watching the world around me; a world traveler and photographer of street fashion, people watching is one of my favorite sports. I am a big Live Music fan and I try to see a band once a week, and I am so grateful to live in the Music capitol of the World, LA! Social media has brought the world to me through my phone, I am a big fan of fine artisits and illustrators, as welll as all the blogging trendsetters.

Management Style

A great leader must master all the duties that they expect their team to accomplish. I believe in rolling up my sleeves and getting down to work, being focused and working smart. My management style is choosing the best qualified team and empowering them to get the job done in harmony with the other team members. I believe training and positive reinforcements are the key to success in any work situation.

LinkedIn Experience

A full resume of my work experience can be found on LinkedIn. 

My Vision

To provide creative vision to every endeavor with the highest standards while being concious of how my decisions affect the world and people around me.

The Future

I am excited about my upcoming Design collaborations. Check back to see the latests presentations.

I grew up in the SoCal Casual Surf Skate lifestyle. I was a competitive swimmer and spent a lot of time outdoors. My daughter is also an athlete, the Pitcher on her High School Softball team, our whole family is active and we enjoy Hiking, Tennis and playing with our 3 dogs. I always knew I would be a Fashion Designer or Artist growing up, and I couldn't wait to start college and begin my career. Through my work I have met so many inspirational people, and traveled the world. I am so fortunate to have a creative career that I love, to me it doesn't feel like work when I am Designing.